Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9 A+ Firsties

Just discovered this blogger through the linky party that 2nd Grade Pad has.  You should link up with never know who might discover your blog and whose life you could help make a bit better with your awesome ideas!

Tanya is a teacher down in Texas...enjoying the tropical 48 degree weather down there right now.  (Just kiddin' with you -- it's 16 degrees here this morning and there's a herd of elk huddling in the woods outside our house right now because they are trying to stay warm -- more snow on the way this week!)

A+ Firsties is an A+ teacher blog.  She has some very clever ideas and resources that she shares.  I am in love, love, love with the money cubes she found at Lakeshore Learning.  Bummer! We used to have one of those stores over in Spokane...but it closed 2 years ago!

Now we have to do everything online -- which is why I started blog hopping and haunting the Teacher Pay Teacher store in the first place.

As my mind tends to hop around before my morning caffeine...Let me get back to A+ Firsties...Tanya also has a TpT store with almost 30 selections to amaze and inspire.  Her downloadable freebie about Abe Lincoln is a must to download.  Very creative ideas to use whole class or in centers.  I've already pinned that one!  Check it out!

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