Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8 2nd Grade Pad

Pad...now that is a word I haven't heard in awhile.  Then I saw the Frog on her blog and went...oooooooooh, now I get it!  I was having a 'duh' moment there.  Haven't had my morning mocha yet!

Cynthia is from Georgia and I'm betting even this time of year they can hear toads croaking and frogs going ribbet.  Here in North Idaho...they are all asleep for the long winter under a layer of ice and snow.  I woke up this morning and it is only 12 degrees! brrr

Cynthia is a second grade teacher (I know, obvious from the title huh?...remember, I haven't had my mocha yet) and she has over 90 great items in her TpT store.  I do have to chuckle...some of my best finds regarding winter and snowmen are from the southern teachers...because of all the snow y'all have down there? tee hee  Or is it because you wish you had snow??

Cynthia has a Linky happening that you should take part in...so hop on over and check it out.