Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cuties and Crayons in Kindergarten

Here is another wonderful kindergarten blogger...

Jennifer Drake at Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten has lots of fun ideas for her K-kids.  She also loves a good blog hop.

Check out this cool activity for helping your young ones learn to spell their name.  Very clever with a little cowboy kick....I can appreciate that in this part of North Idaho! The students can walk on the letters of their name to practice spelling it.  There are some cute cowboy boots and a hat they make to go along with it.  Be sure to visit {this page} for more details.

The feet are printed on double sided scrapbook paper and like most of us...we hate to throw things away, so Jennifer shreds the paper scraps and saves them.

Then she fills a box with them and the students have to hunt for letters in the box.  I think this would be fun in one of those rice/water/bean table in your classroom!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My last weekend of Summer 2014

Yeah....life is busy and life is full and life is flying by....But this blog is something I really want to revive and move forward with because I realized I am neglecting some of my hobbies I love the most!

This is the blog post that inspired me to blog again!   Post --> {Click THIS}  

Kathy has a whole list of great math game ideas for levels K-3.  My first graders will be coming right after Labor Day, and when I saw this I knew exactly what I needed this for!  

I am going to make one of these...
  • My version: The game will be for two-4 people.
  • Each person gets 6 linking cubes of of one color (or little bears or whatever you have that they can have six of one color per person) 
  • They will roll one die and they get to put a color token in each section when they roll it.  
  • If they roll the same number twice, they lose a turn.  
  • The winner is the one who gets one of their tokens in each section first!
  • This is a very easy beginning of 1st grade center game which won't take adult involvement to participate.

Kathy has other great resources on her website...check her out!