Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 27 Miss Kindergarten

Miss Kindergarten...sounds nothing like the Arnold Schwarzenegger character does it?

No...and she is much more creative and insightful too!  No whistle blowing and cadence calling I would think.

She has lots of creative ideas.  She says she is artsy, and her work shows that side of her well.  She has quite a few of her creations on her TpT store.  Which if you are reading this the first weekend in February...there is a big sale going on!  Great time to shop!

I scrolled through some of her posts and ended up going to TpT and adding some of her things to my wish's kind of like a hold list.  I put the things that catch my eye in there. Then when there is a great TpT sale --like this Sunday-- I go back and SHOP!  Does anyone else do that too?

So hopping around her site I came across this wondrous post!  On Fridays we do fun things like art and math games.  They think they are 'just' playing games.  But what they don't know is that they are simply reinforcing the skills that I have been teaching them all week!  Teachers are sneaky that way!

Miss Kindergarten has a math game unit all neatly tied up with Common Core math standards for Kindergarten and 1st grade!

These are two of the games included. I love the bright cheery game boards.  Makes me want to replace my shabby worn out game markers!

This unit isn't just in my wish list...I actually put it in my shopping cart!  I can't wait to buy it on Sunday! 

Here is a list of all the games included in the unit in her stores.   She sells it in both her TpT Store and TN Shop.  Having the list of common core that align with them is very handy.  If you are going to play games any need to show why so people know you are actually teaching :-) Because before quoting and posting standards everywhere...we weren't actually was all a sham...and nobody learned anything! LOL

I also found this cute game.  I am well past teaching short vowels to 99% of my students, but I bet I could use this same idea for my Bossy R words!  Now the wheels are turning!