Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 30 The Houndstooth Teacher

I guess it only seems fitting to follow yesterday's blogger with today's choice.  This is Amy Hope's 2nd grade blog.  She is the twin sister to yesterday's blogger Julie Lee.

Amy is newer to the blogging world...and she only just came back from a maternity leave...funny thing...her twin sister just came back from maternity leave as well.  So looking back at gets even more twinsy.  Apparently Amy has two boys and just had a baby girl while her sister Julie has two girls and just had a baby boy!

Amy has a lot of items in her TpT store.  Perfect for your 1st or 2nd grade classroom.  She seems to lean more toward literacy than her sister.  She has a freebie of a 3-2-1 book activity that I really like and will give a try with my 1st graders soon.
Students have to write 3 things they liked about the story.  2 things they didn't like and 1 character they liked and why they liked him/her.
Making those kids interact and think is what it is all about. Awesome!

She also did a fun crystal ball activity instead of the New Year's Resolution January writing idea.  Very cool idea!  It is actually from her sister's TpT Store...but since it's her twin, she should get half the credit, right?