Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 of Blog Hopping

I teach 1st grade, but I love to see what 2nd is doing (I spent 3 years with second graders). I think spending time at the grade above you currently teach is truly a valuable gift.

I know exactly what my 1st graders need to do next year which makes it easier to prepare them in the long term this year.

I do have to admit I get a little sad having to give up my competent and independent end of the year 1st grade workers each June only to start from scratch with end of the year half-day kindergarten kids again in September.  <<big sigh>>

But at least I know I'm good at getting them ready for the world of learning...or so the 2nd grade teachers tell me.  Is that perhaps because they don't want to exchange their kids for my potty accident, runny nosed, dragging shoe laced first graders??  Nah...they would love to do 1st grade :) lol

When I search for ideas, I always visit those 2nd grade teachers.  They tend to have some fun things that can challenge my kids that need challenging.  The first 2nd grade blog I am sharing is called Pirate Girl's Education Invasion.

She calls her kids Mrs. Powell's Pirates.  I love that! Pirates?  That got me wondering where she was from.  Well, where did pirates hang out?

Well, in warm places with lots of ocean of course!  This is a sunrise, not a sunset...that should narrow it down to the East side of our country.  

She lives in Florida!  Gorgeous, warm, tropical, Florida.  I was born there and my parents moved us west when I was 10, but that beach picture truly calls to me.  Perhaps the foot of snow outside my window and the fact that the low tonight is supposed to be 9 degrees (brrrr) only adds to the desire to be somewhere...anywhere....warmer!

So, Merinda....if we all show up on your doorstep for Spring Break, will you have room for us?