Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10 Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Maybe it's the weather...but man am I hooked on these blogs from way down south...where it's warm!  In my head I could just sink my toes into the sand and almost imagine the warmth and comfort there.  Tropical breeze tossing my hair about.  The sun giving color back to my skin...

Oh sorry,  I was lost there for a moment...and it's all because of Gina's blog: Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Gina teachers 3rd grade in South Florida.  She also has a Teacher pay Teacher store with more than 30 fun and educational activities.  Check out her freebies and see what you think.  I was impressed and would have loved to have used her ideas the year I had 3rd graders.
I am thinking about having a snowman party after reading this POST from back in December.

Oh my gosh...those melted snowman cookies and that sock art project are so stinkin' cute!!!!

In North Idaho...we don't need Christmas to focus on snowmen...just recess!  The snow is supposed to be hitting us hard again this weekend. Of course it's because we have a two hour bus ride this weekend for Cheer. (One of my hats is high school cheer coach -- two daughters on the team)  So keep your fingers crossed the roads stay clear!

Happy almost Friday folks!  Can't wait to see what blogs I find for the weekend?  Be sure to follow my blog or join me on Google...
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