Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5 the Seusstastic Classroom

So the official name of Mel's Blog is The Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations.   I found this blog last year when I was hunting up new ideas for Dr. Seuss, because I don't just have a Dr. Seuss day, I have a Dr. Seuss Month.  And you need lots of ideas to make it the whole month.  (March is all his...but we do take a tiny break long enough for the Leprechaun's to come out in the middle of the month.)

Hey, my birthday month is I can do what I want...right?  lol Actually, the real reason is that I have seen Dr. Seuss books turn many a poor reader into a fluent one by the end of March.  He is some kind of magic to those struggling kids!

Well, anyway, when I stopped over to Mel's blog this week she had an amazing post about her Elf on the Shelf activity with her class.  It was Aaaa-Mazing!!!  I love how she makes learning fun!  You have to check out this post!  I am inspired to give it a try next year now that I will be settled into my new classroom.  (First year in a new building is always stressful--you spend half the time trying to find your feet and at the same time making sure you aren't stepping on any toes).