Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 23 The 3 AM Teacher

The 3 AM Teacher is an amazingly talented artist as well as a teacher!

You can find some great clip art resources as well as her units on TpT and Teacher's Notebook and she has an Etsy shop too!  

Right now she has a special deal.  If you sponsor her son's efforts to raise money for Jump For Heart you can get either a really cool mega pack of background digital paper...or a mega bundle of math clip art. They are both awesome, but I am eyeing the math clip art myself.  You have until February 10th to sponsor him and get this great deal.

If you sign up to receive her posts, you won't miss my favorite thing...her Friday Five:

You can simply read and enjoy it...and maybe find some cool thing along the way...or you  can pretend it's the newspaper and just read the funny.  This was this week's funny, a definite teacher funny!

 I know a few kids this year that have already proven this one very accurate!

Maybe someday I will be one of the 3 AM Teacher's finds!  

If you have already started following me, thanks and welcome!  If not, then thanks for visiting.  Maybe come back again sometime and see who I have found next!