Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 12 Teaching with Hope

I love the title of Hope's blog: Teaching with Hope  We all have to have at least some hope to be a teacher, don't we?  We hope our teaching will stick, we hope the kids do well next year and beyond, we hope that the principal doesn't call another meeting after school, we hope for a few more hours in each day, we hope that summer gets here soon, but not before we have managed to fill those little ones heads with everything they need to know before then!

She is a 3rd grade teacher in Oregon...welcome fellow Pacific Northwest Teacher/Blogger! There don't seem to be as many of us as there are from the southeast.  Perhaps their days are longer and they have more time ;)  Or perhaps there is something in the water that gives them more energy to use more more waking hours and less sleeping ones...not sure :)  But if they were to bottle it and sell it on TpT they would make a lot of money -- especially from me!

She created a very cute Skip Counting book to help teach those 2nd and 3rd graders the patterns involved with learning multiplication.  I used something similar to this when I taught 2nd and 3rd grades.  The visual part of this really helped some kids over the hump of connecting addition to multiplication.

While at her TpT Store...I also found this freebie.  LOVE it!  My first graders will love it too!  I know we just started using Vowac this year...but this one is a fun one for their poem book that they do at centers.  It never hurts to use more than one trick --- or poem as the case may be -- to teach a skill.  One of them is going to stick like glue!
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