Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14 First Grade Fever

So I don't get of my teenage daughters has this love of these mustaches...

They are everywhere...and the marketing is genius...because they are on everything. And of course the kid wants to buy these needful things with mustaches on them.  I am trying to think of what fad like this there was when I was her age.  I guess there was the Izod alligator...we all had to have the shirt with the stiff little gator sewn onto it. not nearly as exciting as a mustache on your shirt, your wallet, your shoes, your pants, your backpack...everywhere!

So Christie decided to go with the flow.  She is from the blog First Grade Fever and she discovered sheets of these fun mustaches at the dollar store and decided to use the fad for good and not evil!
She made the most creative writing unit out of it!  She used them to re-teach her students the difference between an asking and a telling sentence.  If I can find those mustaches, then I am buying this one because it's so dang cute...and you know what happens when you teach cute things?  The parents love it, your co-workers ooo and aaah it, and the kids engage and remember it!  Win win all around!

Christie has a great preview of it on her blog.  You can buy it on her TpT store or from her Teacher's Notebook store.  It's only $2.50...which is a steal and maybe can add a few hours back to your prep time because you wont have to make it.

Welcome to my journey!

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