Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13 Teaching with Love and Laughter

I found Lori Rosenberg's blog this morning and I can hardly tear myself away from it to blog about it.  She is amazing and her resources are amazing and her writing ideas are amazing and it looks like her school is amazing -- she gets to teach writing to k, 1 and 2.

Wow, what a concept, getting to teach something you really, really love A LOT and getting the quality time to do it!  I bet that school must have the most awesome writers.  In my school we have such a push on math and reading  that we just don't get as much time with writing as I would love to have -- and that I need to have to do it well.

Plus there is the planning time.  Planning every subject and teaching them is so time consuming -- at least right now with all the aligning to the common core standards now.  I am just starting to feel comfortable with knowing the standards...and it's January!  It's like a new pair of shoes that are a struggle to break in and you keep having to wear them to school! :-)
Back to Lori's blog:  Teaching with Love and Laughter

She has amazing writing ideas and she shares them on TpT as well as on her blog.  She also has some fun freebies.  She has a fun Winter Rebus Story on her blog and TpT store right now.  (Yet another Florida teacher with creative winter/snow themed activities -- ha ha!  Makes me think I should be doing tropical rain forest activities with my students -- It's warmed up to 11 degrees outside right now and it's 9:30 in the morning!)

The other thing Lori has are some great giveaways and contests.  Right now she is giving away a fun Learning Resource game called Sentence Buildings.  Head over to her blog and enter to win.  I know my firsties would love this for a center!

Here is what I'm drooling over right now!  Grammar Review Sheets for First Grade.  There are 30 review sheets and they cover Common Core skills.  The skills are the same on each day, but they get progressively harder.  I can't wait to download this one from her TpT store!