Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15 Fun in First Grade

Yes, sorry, another 1st grade blog.  I do think that the 1st grade teachers are the most prolific at blogging.  Not sure why. It must be that we have so much more free time on our hands because our students are so independent -- tongue is definitely in cheek right now :)
But Dana's blog, Fun in 1st Grade, is full of great ideas and links to even more that she finds online.  She seems to be a linky queen.  She would be the person to connect with if you want to start connecting along the linky path.  This is something I'm still learning about myself.

She has over 60 items in her TpT and Teacher's Notebook stores and links to lots of freebies on the blog.

Stop by and check out her blog...sit down in a comfortable chair because I assure you that you will be there for awhile!