Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2 of My Challenge

Day #2 
I discovered this blog just last week.  I found it as part of Google+.  I have no idea how I became part of it...other than the fact that Google Chrome or Google+ or some googly thing invited me.  But there is a huge network of teachers on there.  And +Sarah Winchell is one of the teachers I found.  (Isn't it cool how if I just put a plus in front of her name it just directs you right to her Google profile :)  

The first thing that drew me to her blog was the title!  Yup, I eat, sleep and dream first grade.  I even got to the point where I keep notepads on the bathroom counter...because when I'm in the shower cool ideas pop into my head and I have to write them down right away or I will forget them! lol

Sarah has LOTS of experience.  She teaches 1st grade in North Carolina.  She has been teaching for 27 years!  Wow!  Her blog, I Dream of First Grade, is full of great ideas and advice from a veteran who absolutely loves teaching the little ones!

Pop on over for a visit!