Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6 Teacher Idea Factory

Today's blog -- Teacher Idea Factory -- has creative artwork to go with the creative title!  I think this is my favorite blog header that I've found in my hopping!   Kelley has lots of creative and new ideas that she both sells and shares.

I've come across this blog before through my hopping ways, but her December freebie caught my eye.  She has over 50 freebies on her blog--click HERE for the link.  The Sweet Story Adjective writing was a cool idea!  And I still get to use it because we haven't had our Christmas party yet!  (loooong story)

The best snowman art project ever is HERE.  I plan to do it next Friday during our art time!  So easy, so cool, so calming...that was what sold it to me.  After a two week vacation and five full days of teaching...Friday needs to end on a calm note!  (for me and the kids!)