Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11 My Silly Firsties

Last weekend I got lost on TpT.  I forgot what I was even looking for at some point.  You know how that is?

You find a cool freebie on the Sunday Free Download TpT Email that comes out, 
then you visit one of the seller's stores, 
then you search for something else, 
then you visit that seller's store, 
then you follow them to their blog, 
then you visit one of the blogs that inspired the last blogger,
then it reminds you of something else you were thinking about looking for...
and all of a sudden you realize that the dogs want to go out again and the timer for the dryer went off...twice...
and what started out as a quick "just checking my email" turned into "your lost in the maze of the internet looking for the perfect activity to finish those darn lesson plans you have been dragging your heels on all weekend."

Ok, so this 1st grade blogger stopped me and brought me back to reality...or rather, my true purpose...finding another blog to feature on my 365 Blog Hop Challenge.

Today's blog is by Haley in Dallas, Texas.  Those Texas ladies are real prolific bloggers!  Is that where the saying "Go Big or Go Home" comes from?  I don't know, but whenever I come across a Texas Teacher...I'm never disappointed!
My Silly Firsties is full of great ideas.  If you are new to setting  up a classroom or you just don't like how things are rolling for you and you want some great ideas to reorganize yourself...and your students...check out her back to school post.  Her classroom is so organized and well thought out.  Now that I have read it, I want to start my year over again! lol

And in her spare time, Haley creates some great stuff to use with her class and has shared them on TpT.  Some are freebies too.  I love the game UNO and love using it with my students.  Haley has a great sight word version of it in her TpT Store.  Check it out!  

Welcome to my 365 Blog Hop Challenge Haley and anyone else who stopped by today!  Be sure to Follow me and find out who I discover next! Maybe it will be YOU!