Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 59 Fun in Room 4B

Elizabeth teaches math to 4th graders in South Carolina.  Wow...getting to teach just one subject and not having to enter the nightmare world of Junior High.  That doesn't happen much around here.  Primary teachers such as myself must be a Jack of All Trades and must be a bit ADHD to teach...skipping from subject to subject all day.  My dream would be to focus on one thing/subject for more than 30 minutes!

Silly me...back to Room 4B.  What is the B for?  I have never had a letter with my room it a two story school?  Hmmm...dang...there goes that ADHD problem again.  See, teaching one subject at a time would really help with that.

Fun in Room in 4B is a fun blog.  Elizabeth combines humor with WBT (Whole Brain Teaching), the Common Core and adds a big dash of clever ways to teach those hard abstract skills to her students while making them easy to understand.  She spent most of the last couple months working on Fractions and Decimals.  Regular 1st grade fractions aren't an easy skill for some 7 year olds...but then when you start teaching equivalent fractions to 9 year olds...many of them start shaking and then when you ask them to change them into decimals...well their eyes can roll back into their heads and they are down for the count!

Elizabeth has some fun games and activities that get her students moving and thinking and best yet, understanding those hard skills.
 Elizabeth has made two versions of her Poke game.  One has a Valentine's theme (below) while the other one (above) is her non-holiday "ipoke" version.  Very cute and clever games to get your students practicing and using the skills you may be teaching.  You can find both in Room 4b's TpT store .

 Here is a close-up of the actual game cards.
Students just understand things better when they are must try this fun activity with your students:  
They are acting out the decimal number line.  They look like they are dancing don't they?  I think she should name it the Decimal Boogie! 
Here is the full description on her blog post {here}

At some point Elizabeth taught or teaches something other than math...I found this really cute "Poet-Tree" unit on her blog as well.  You can also find it in her TpT store.