Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 53 I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

Well, if there were a top 10 of the "Best Teacher Blog Names", this would be in the top 3 for sure!  Perhaps even number 1!

Megan is a Texas teacher, teaching 3rd grade this year and she shares the ups, downs and the need to have super powers...err...I mean the tricks she uses to help her students learn.  I Teach. What's Your Super Power is full of great stuff.  I discovered a new website for classroom behavior management.  It's called Class Dojo.  Megan tells all about using it in her class on THIS Post.

It seems to be pretty popular in some parts of the country from the way she talks about it...but hasn't made it to North Idaho yet. Heck, we are so behind in technology up here that it's no great surprise.  Hey, at least most of us have whiteboards now instead of chalkboards!  I do say most of us...there are a few rooms in my building where the teachers still use stuff called chalk!

Megan not only designs units and activities to use in your classroom but she also designs background papers.  This is a great thing if you want to design projects, cards, bulletin boards or cover pages for your TpT creations!  Click HERE for her TpT Store.

She has this mega pack for sale on her TpT store.  But if you want to take some freebies out for a test drive, she has some in her store too!

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