Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 56 Flamingos and Butterflies

Today I have found Mrs. Dunn. She teaches 4th grade somewhere that most of us probably wish we could go to on her pictures it looks way too warm and there's a beach...and flamingos...and green things growing year round....perhaps that would be a fun place to have a blogger hook-up!

Mrs. Dunn doesn't sell on TpT...she is a straight-up blogger and a self-proclaimed book junkie.  She has the most amazing collection of books (I think I saw the word hoard in one of her  On her blog, Flamingos and Butterflies, she has a great link called Picture Book a Day.

It's hard not to read her posts about all the books she finds, uses with her students and just plain loves and not have my Amazon Wishlist open and add many of the titles she shares!  She truly does love books and even though you (and I) may not teach 4th grade...there are books for all of us to use.  I also think it's important for teachers in the older grades to remember that picture books aren't just for little kids...but there is a time and place where maybe a chapter book just doesn't fit in with your lesson and a picture book might just make your point much better.  It's like those animated movies.  They may seem like they are for the littles...but older kids and even adults can find something to enjoy in them too.

I do have one question I would like to end come flamingos has no 'e' and tomatoes and potatoes need to have that 'e' when you add the final '-s'.  That has always puzzled me!  Any grammar know-it-alls that can help me with that one?