Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40 obSEUSSed

Two of my favorite days are coming up:  the 100th Day of school and Dr. Seuss' birthday.  I love the 100th day and all the fun I make of it.  Counting, hopping, skipping, and "math-ing" our way through the day.  Going from two digits to three is awesome when you are in 1st grade.  (I don't feel the same thing about changing the tens place though when it comes to my birthday!) Funny thing about counting...I love to count everything but my birthdays anymore!

Dr. Seuss is still my most favorite of all.  I grew up reading his books.  I got my first copy of The Lorax from a magazine that it was printed in before it was published!  I still have it because my mom tore it out of the magazine and I put it in a folder that...since I keep odd things from forever ago...I still have in my trunk.

So Seuss is not celebrated on just one day or one week in my room.  He is honored ALL month!  I do a special focus each week on one of his books.  Each year I mix it up and don't always do the same four books.  But if you don't know where to start, there are plenty of blogs out there with lots of great ideas posted.  I will post what I do too...and you can also check out my Pinterest page with lots of fun finds on there.

Dr. Seuss is magical.  He started writing on a bet and thank heavens he took that bet.   During March my good readers turn into amazing readers, my so so readers turn into confident readers and my non-readers actually pick up books and try to read!  His words are fun and make kids forget they are trying to read...but instead they just enjoy reading so they too can feel those words roll over their tongues because they are just that much fun!

Mel at The Seusstastic Classroom has a great blog.  I posted about her in January.

I found another teacher so obsessed with Seuss that she named her blog after him as well. Victoria says it herself...she is a little ObSEUSSed with Seuss.  That is the name of her blog:

She has a lot of great ideas linked to THIS blog page.  She had a little linky party a couple years ago and you can find other blogs linked their ideas to her page.  She also has a huge Pinterest page soley dedicated to the great and powerful Seuss as well :)

So, on your mark, get set....SEUSS!