Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 37 1-2-3 Teach With Me and the Most Amazing Pencil Sharpener

1-2-3 Teach With Me is created by the very talented Tammy Ferrell.  She is a classroom teacher who currently is a stay at home mom helping at least one of her children prepare for kindergarten.  Not only does she have amazing primary lessons and resources from her primary teaching experience, but she has started a series of posts on how to get your child ready for kindergarten which is very useful to a lot of moms out there.

One of the other hobbies she has is creating digital art.  She has another blog that features that work, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that one :)

If you are a 2nd grade teacher and your school or district is looking for some well made assessments for tracking common core math standards per quarter...Tammy has some great resources she's in the progress of posting and she is selling them on Teacher's Pay Teachers.  I wish she would have the 1st grade version!

On to another subject....

Pencil Sharpeners

I hate the darn things.

There is nothing worse than one of my kids saying: "Mrs. C, the pencil cup is empty."

That means I have to stop what I'm doing and try to quickly sharpen a few which inevitably turns into a dozen because as soon as you sharpen one...half of your class will discover that their pencil is broken or just too dull to write with any longer!

This is supposed to be the teacher's savior:
The legend of this pencil sharpener has been floating around out there in the blogosphere for awhile now.  My teaching partner last year bought one and just loves it.  I need to just buy one of the darn things...but in the mean time maybe I can win one...or so can you.  Go to Classroom Friendly Supplies and sign up for their giveaway or just get a group of you together and buy one.  They are $24.99 a piece or buy 3 for $53.97.  Get a jump start on your Christmas shopping and buy them now! (just don't forget where you put them like I do!)