Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 34 Teacher Blog Spot

Yesterday I posted about my thoughts on Common Core.  When searching for Common Core blogs to link up, I found this blogger.  Teacher Blog Spot is a teacher who has a position most recently as a math coach.  Although she doesn't have an actual classroom right now, she has taught from primary through middle school.  So she has a rich background from which to draw from.

She has a lot of math help on her blog (makes sense when you are a math coach) but she also has a category she titled Seasonal Ideas.  <--Click here to go straight to the category. They have had some great math day themes at her school.  There are some VERY clever ideas for 100th day as well.  It got me thinking!

I also think it would be fun to do the estimation jars at our upcoming Art, Auction and Ice Cream night!!  This would be something fun for the students since they don't have money to spend!

Like I said she is a math coach, but she has other cute and clever ideas that she has found and shared.  I love this Name in Lights bulletin board idea for showcasing star work!   It would also be a fun way to highlight your student of the week as well!

Thanks for hopping by...come back tomorrow to see who else I find in my journey through the internet!