Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 39 Lessons From the Middle

Here is one you don't run into as often....a middle school teacher.  I know teachers who love teaching middle school.  I am so thankful there are some of you out there, because it just won't ever be me!  I spent about 10 years teaching 5th and 6th graders and that was plenty of time for me.  I did my time :) I will stay, hopefully, in my happy place...1st grade.

Krystal Mills started this blog one year ago, yesterday! Happy blog birthday to you!  She has a big birthday giveaway...but you have to hurry because it ends this coming Monday!

Krystal is from occasionally you will see references (like province) that give that away...but otherwise teaching is teaching and teaching 7th grades is well...a difficult task.  But Krystal's blog has lots of great tips, strategies, resources and of course humor as well.  (If you can't laugh...then you shouldn't be a teacher...and especially if you can't laugh at yourself!)

Stop over and visit Lessons From The Middle and enter her giveaway.  If you aren't a middle school teacher, I'm sure you know one.  They are the ones that carry the small bag home from work...not the huge rolling tote that you see the primary teachers dragging behind them.  Just kidding :-)