Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 45 Miss V's Busy Bees

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone survived another themed day with their students.  1st graders get a little wild if you just mention that something will be different that day.  

I could say something as simple as..."Students today we will be using blue pencils instead of yellow." or "Today's lunch includes a cookie."  And it will set them all wiggling on the edge of their seats all day.

Now try having Valentine's Day, a day off of school for President's Day and then follow it with the 100th day of school on Tuesday...and will be the longest 4 day week of your teaching life!  I love their enthusiasm...I really do.  And having themed days in 1st grade is a blessing because in a school where field trips are scarce it gives you lots of material to write about!

But the buzzing in your classroom all day is draining...perhaps that is why this little town has like 3 bars on the one block of Main street!  So there will be enough stools for the teachers to wiggle on  Just kidding.  I've never been in any of them....yet!

Speaking of buzzing like a is today's blogger.....

Sara is the blogger behind Miss V's Busy Bees.  She is a young, enthusiastic teacher down in Alabama.  She has lots of great ideas and fun links...especially for someone straight out of school.  She seems like a natural teacher who is just waiting for the perfect classroom to call home.

While subbing during the day, she is in school to get her masters in she is the one to ask if you want some suggestions or ideas that are technology related!

Sara also has been busy creating and has some clever products for sale on TpT.  I don't normally like ants in my classroom...but these Ant schedule cards are so stinkin' cute!  You can get them in her TpT store.  Click HERE

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog :)  This was blog 45 in my 365 Blog Hop Challenge!  Only 320 more to go!