Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 41 Rockin Teacher Materials

I am sharing this blog today because of this post about the tooth!  Hilary Lewis has been a teacher for 28 years.  She has tons of ideas and resources on Rockin Teacher Materials...but this story about the tooth sums up what all teachers become...the surrogate parent, the dentist, the doctor, the repair man, the seamstress...the list of what we do never ends.

But this tooth story just got me.

I hate teeth.

I hate wiggly teeth.

I hate pulling wiggly teeth (and I say this as with the additional comment that I have NEVER pulled a tooth out for anyone --not even for my own daughters!)

So the post made me laugh...but also grossed me out!

On to other things...Hilary has some clever ideas on her blog.

I liked the way she linked her TpT and TN sights...She should get a creativity award for them!
She also recently shared an idea that I think I might just have to change to in my classroom.  I currently have these boy and girl beanies.  When they go to the bathroom, they put it on their desk.  That reminds me that I have said yes to someone already (as well as which someone) and lets  me know quietly when they return.

But this was an even better idea that one of her coworkers has done...I love it!!
What a lovely reminder to sanitize your hands after using the bathroom!!

Then here is my favorite part of her blog...her resources.  I have purchased a few over the past few months.  And I've scored the occasional freebie too.  But this one is so cute I just popped it into my cart on TpT! 

This one is the cutest presentation of an age old problem...retiring those boring words that get used over and over in 1st grade writing.

It's called Say This, Not That and has a cute french 'fry' theme.  Very clever Hilary!