Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 54 Doodle Bugs Teaching and Five for Friday

This morning I joined a linky party :)  Five for Friday pops up all the time...not always on Fridays...but isn't that just how our teacher's lives roll?  We get to things when we have a window of opportunity...It may not be when we want to do it, but it always gets done.

So my Five for morning....

1.  The weather.  The last couple weeks started to feel like there was a hint of spring in the air.  Perhaps the groundhog was right.  It got close to 50 during the days and the nights barely dropped to freezing.  The snow started melting big time...I could see my roof again and the potholes in the road, the bottom of the slides on the playground at school, and the path to the chicken coop!  But then it hit...

The notorious second wave of winter!  We have had over six inches again in the past two days with more falling as I type.  Dang...I thought I might get an early start to prepping the garden for the summer season...Not going to happen.....yet.

2.  Districts is today.  I am the assistant cheer coach for our high school team.  These girls AND boys are amazing athletes.  It's so sad that people pick on them and say that they aren't doing a real sport.  It's actually a combination of many sports and it is incredibly hard...the competitive part.  Yeah, that sideline cheering at a game is not what we are talking about.  

I love this picture from last night's practice because it has both my daughters in it.  My 'baby' is the one doing the prone fall.  What incredible trust she has in her bases!  My oldest daughter is the one with the blonde hair and black shirt on the left side of the picture.  She is one of those strong bases that holds a flyer's life in her hands.  

Please send us some good thoughts as we compete today and hopefully make it to State. Because there is nothing I want more than to  ride a school bus on my birthday for 10 hours  see these kids get a second chance to go to State!  {Yup, second year in a row we are traveling ON my} 

3. Finally got my A.R. (Accelerated Reader) bookmarks finished and posted onto my TpT and TN sites.  Yeah!  I found that when my first graders use these bookmarks, their passing rate is much higher because they actually read the book more than once before attempting to take the comprehension test on the computer. Keeping track of reading in a fun way and not 'cheating' the system has really helped them take ownership of their reading.  I have about 14 different designs to use throughout the year.  They love to see them change every few weeks.  You can find them here: TeacherpayTeacher and on Teacher's Notebook.

4.  The moose are back!  

This young lady will be 3 this spring.  She was born the year we moved into our house (we believe this is her).  We haven't seen her mama in awhile at our house, but we have seen her in the 'hood.

This is actually a different moose.  This is one of two that were bedded down in our yard just two days ago.  They are twins that Mama moose had last year.  Not sure where mama is, but she may be getting ready to have her newest baby and needs a bit of space.  I did see them all together just a week ago down the road.  Moose don't have their young until May, but she may be kind of cranky with two little ones tagging along! lol

5.  Today's blog for my 365 Blog Hop Challenge!

Doodle Bugs Teaching was what I found this morning.  I actually found her first on TeacherPayTeacher because I found her awesome --FREE-- calendar cards.  Here are the March HERE.  March is my favorite month...cuz I get to ride a school bus to southern

Doodle Bug is a Mississippi 1st grade teacher and I think she does what most of us do so well...packs in 26 hours worth of projects and ideas into 24 hours.  Please visit her blog and you will be amazed by her energy and creativity!  Perhaps some of her ideas and creations will help you save some creating time in your classroom!