Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 44 Today is a two-fer!

So as usual, I was hopping around looking for good ideas, catching up on what my new blog friends are posting and then I was lost.  But lost in a happy place apparently.  I found this colorful header....

Just looking at this colorful header puts you in a good mood, doesn't it?

Teresa is the author behind Fun in K/1.  Yesterday she had a great Abe Lincoln writing freebie that I snatched up and you should too!  I will be doing Abe and George next week since this week is Valentine's and we are preparing for the 100th day of school.

Teresa has some creative ideas on her blog.  I found a few other ideas that would be fun to try with my class.

We are working on these very same contractions this week with our reading program.  And since it is Valentine's Day this week...Hearts and contractions, they go hand in hand!
Then I found this fun book recommendation idea.  My students love to tell me about the books they are reading and so I'm sure they would love to tell each other.

While checking out the cool creations from Teresa, I saw the link she had at the bottom of her page crediting the clipart she was using in her work.  

So this is the 2-fer...This amazing clip art sight...the clip art is free and you can use it on your TpT an TN sights without paying those additional license fees!  It's so nice when people support teachers.  We should be sure to support Laura Strickland and her clip art website!