Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 35 Common Core Classrooms

Today I am continuing with the theme of Common Core.  I found Common Core Classrooms.  This is a collaborative blog that brings you Common Core resources from other teachers and resources.  Their 'goal is to provide educators with classroom tested resources and ideas by grade level and subject that apply directly to the new standards.'

It's a cool idea.  I don't think the grade level links at the top work...or at least not the way I thought they would.  If they are only for comments at your grade works.  But I thought it would be for looking up grade level resources...for that it doesn't work yet.

Instead, if you go to the right column and choose from Blog Archive you can see older posts.  You can also go to the Labels listing and look up a standard and find resources that way, which is helpful.

There are lots of freebie resources linked to this blog.  So that is always fun.  I found a contraction link with lots of resources.  Next week is a contraction week for spelling, so that would be awesome to have.

I already do this with my 1st graders....

And I already do a word sort. But this one is nicely formatted and in a nice clean font for them to read...although I'm not sure why all the words start with a capital letter.
Now this was the new twist that I love, love, love!  I look for ways to make my 1st graders accountable for their work all the time!  This will be very useful next week.
Happy contracting everyone!  
See you tomorrow...35 down and 330 more to go!