Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 90 Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Here is a great techy blogger, Katie King, to go hand in hand with Betsy Weigle from yesterday's blog.  Katie's blog Queen of the First Grade Jungle is a great learning place for those of you new to iPad's in the classroom.  She says that we need to train and teach our students skills for jobs that haven't been invented yet.  That is so very true!

After reading THIS POST I am now on a mission to get iPads for our primary classrooms!  Holy cow this is sooooo cool! We are a bit behind the times in North Idaho.  Heck, when it snows a lot or rains a lot or if the wind blows just the right messes up our internet connection! lol  We are moving forward toward just may not be at the pace of other parts of the country :)

Katie also has a TpT Store that is full of great units.  Most of them are larger packets or Mega packs as some creators call them.  But she has a series of Busy Teacher packets that are full of great 1st grade leveled stuff!  And when I say stuff...I say it because it is full of just about anything you might need to teach writing, reading, language skills, math and more.  Each month has specific themes to go with the holidays and events that happen within that month.  It's worth spending a bit to get these great activities.  Just check them out and you will see what I mean!