Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 66 First Grade in Foxwell Forest

Mrs. Foxwell, Becca, teaches 1st grade.  You have got to read her post from March 5th.  If you aren't an educator of the littler will be overwhelmed after you read this post.  No, she didn't do it all in one day (ha ha), but you will see how much we put into our jobs!

All I can say after reading her ditto my last two weeks too.  Well, minus the baby shower...but add in coaching a high school cheer squad getting ready to go to state!  Then I think we are even on the insanity and lack of sleep level.

So I was hopping around her blog and I was stopped in my tracks by this post:

I do table points, but this Bravo Board just puts the bow onto what I already do.  I love the coupon idea.  I already let the table group with the most points have lunch with me in the classroom--and they think that is amazingly awesome--makes me feel almost like I'm Adam Levine or Taylor Swift--because they think it's the coolest thing short of a third recess!  I think mixing it up with her cool coupon ideas would make it even that much more worth winning!

I know it's March...and the groundhog came out over a month ago...but I am already finding new ideas for next year.  I downloaded this freebie graph and used it this year..
But somehow I missed her cute groundhog craft to go with my paragraph writing.  I am filing this one away for next year! Can't wait to change up the old one I've been using for the last 10 years!  She has it in her TpT store...and it's not free, but it is definitely worth a look and spending a few dollars on it!

Isn't this the cutest groundhog?!

Ok, there is a whole lot more to find in the Foxwell Forest. Be sure to go visit!