Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 70 Teacher Bits & Bobs

Happy Monday!  March is my favorite month...perhaps it's because it's my birthday month or that spring break is soon to come or that the hint of warmth is in the air or that everything is green (my favorite color) because of St. Patrick's day or that my husband will be making corn beef and cabbage soon or better yet...I find freebies!!!

There are lots of fun finds to be had this month...Teacher bits & bobs is a creation of two Kindergarten teachers, Kerri and Lindsay.

Today's post has two fun freebies that they created and shared.  The first one is themed writing paper.  It's great for a poetry starter.  Or just for sentence writing.

The second freebie is a skittles graphing activity.  I downloaded the Skittles activity and it was a great center!  I just bought a huge bag of Skittles and then put a share of them into different baggies.  Worked perfect...I do suggest you save this for centers in the afternoon don't want them sugared up in the morning! :)