Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 62 Adventure of a Third Grade Teacher

Amber is a third grade teacher from North Carolina. Her blog is called The Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher.  Yes, teaching is definitely an adventure just like her blog. She is an enthusiastic new teacher with lots of great ideas.  I love the mini-lesson ideas she posted.  I do many similar ones with my 1st graders.  I am sure our 3rd grade teachers will be happy once they get my 1st graders in two years :)

Here is one of my favorites that she posted.  Her Mini Lesson on Precise Language...those horrible boring, and dreaded words:  nice, kind, good, bad

We don't call it precise language in my 1st grade classroom...they are Delicious Words.  You know, like Fancy Nancy Delicious.  My kiddos have so much fun adding sticky notes to our chart.  I keep the sticky pads all over the room.  And it not only helps with their enthusiasm for reading, but for their enthusiasm for writing as well.

One of the things that our district wants us to focus on is problem solving and math strategies.  Yup, we never did that before until this year.  {is there a key on my laptop for heavy sarcasm? I would be pressing it about now.}   If you aren't already teaching strategies or you need some fresh ideas to keep the kiddos on top of their game, then you need to check out this cool idea that Amber uses with her third grades.  It could easily be adapted up or down.  If we can write, we can solve.
She has her students solve word problems in these cute little books.
 But the best part of these little books is that all the word problems are made by the students in her class.  She puts them together and then the students solve each others problems. students would absolutely love that! And I'm sure they would be much more creative than I could be!

Keep digging on her blog...Adventure of a Third Grade Teacher...there are lots of great treasures to find!