Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 68 Run Miss Nelson's Got the Camera

Miss Nelson has a love affair with her camera.  I can totally identify with that.  In our house it's "Run, Mom's got the camera!"  No, actually, my daughters have learned to appreciate my picture taking proclivity.  They are cheerleaders...and both on the same squad at their high school.  If I don't bring my camera to practice, they all complain :)

I found these colorful "behavior beads" in her TpT store.   Behavior Beads seem to be popping up all over TpT lately.  They are colorful, fun and cheap but are a big hit with my students. They will actually work hand in hand with the Self Manager reward system we have at our school.  I won't have to buy too many chains because they already get chains from either the p.e. teacher or the school counselor and earn wolf paws for displaying all the character traits and p.e. feet for participation.  I could easily add these behavior beads to my classroom incentive program!