Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 63 Apples and abc's

High energy kinder is what you get with Michelle's blog:  Apples and ABC's

I had to chuckle when I read Michelle's post about using feathers to write like George Washington.  It was one of those amazing ideas...that didn't quite go as planned.  I have to give anyone who posts about failures a lot of credit!  As teachers we know that our students learn equally from their successes as from their failures! And we as teachers, still have lots of learning to do too.  Especially those of us that think outside the box and love to supplement fun in with the adopted curriculum.

Michelle has created some great emergent reader books that she has for sale in her TpT store.
I like them because they are interactive.  The students can draw the pictures to go with the sentence which helps them plant the seeds of learning that much deeper!  Great job Michelle!
Visit her store on TpT...she has over 60 other ideas as well!

Can you believe it is already March?  We are into the third month of the heck did we get here so fast!?!?

Do you have any fun units you do in March?  I know St. Patrick's Day and perhaps Spring take the forefront...but what else do you do?  Please share because I love trying new things!