Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 69 Fancy Free in Fourth

Fancy Free in Fourth is a great resource for those of you who teach those kids that are taller.  (I teach 1st grade).  Actually, reading through her site, there are some things that could easily be adapted to my 1st graders.  

With it being March...and needing a little luck of the is a great freebie to add to your collection.
Click Here to download it.

I love Fancy's clear and simple creations.  They are easy to copy and use with students.  Be sure to visit her blog and TpT store!  

There are a lot of creative and organized teachers out there...Here is another great management tool to add to your bag of tricks.  I love putting the responsibility into the hands of the students whenever possible. Students who are involved are better behaved.  Fancy hands out all her graded work on Wednesdays and has the student fill out their own Week in Review.  So when their parents ask "how is school going?" they can't say they don't know...because they have filled out their own grades! Simply genius!