Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 64 Made for 1st Grade

I chose Made in 1st Grade today because of this cool way to practice math facts.  It is an idea Diane and Kelly, two teachers from Wichita, Kansas created.  They have it posted on TpT.  They have 230 other items in their store for your use throughout the year.  Math facts are always a bear to master for many 1st graders and I am so excited to use this in my class next year.

Math next year is going to be even crazier than this year because of common core...so I can use all the help I can get.

Is anyone else a victim of having an adopted math curriculum that doesn't match the standards in the common core, yet their district isn't purchasing anything new so you have to work from scratch?  Yup, that's the boat we are in up here in North Idaho.  It's just that money is tight and it's not a year for adopting math...so we are hunting, creating, borrowing, sharing and praying for resources to help our students master the standards.

Actually part of me doesn't think that is all that bad...it helps re-invigorate our teaching and I love trying to find ways to help my 1st graders have their "a-ha" moments of understanding.  So when it is time to finally adopt a new math text, we will be sure of what we need and what we want and make a better informed decision!

If you have some great resources or links for 1st grade math...just leave a comment and let me know!  The best way to be awesome teachers is to share with each other!  That is exactly what got me started on this challenge of finding 365 teaching blogs to share!