Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 113 Clever Classroom Blog

Here's a new blog in the Teacher Blog realm of creativeness.  It's the Clever Classroom a creation of Emma Farrell.  Emma is an Aussie teacher who has been teaching, making and creating for quite some time.  She started on Ebay and moved toward TpT a few years ago.  Her specialty is primary...from pre-school to 3rd grade.  Her blog is brand new...but her eBay store and TpT store have been around for quite some time.  

Emma has over 250 items in her TpT store.  And she has gobs of great FREE stuff...which this time of the month is a blessing to find! (payday is only a week away...man, getting paid once a month really stinks!)

She is a woman after my own heart...she is organized.  She has nice category links to her blog posts making it really easy to find the needful thing you are looking for!   See...functional and cute!  And she has more too...but this is just a few of them....

Right away I found a really cute Mother's Day art idea.  Perfect for framing or mounting on a fridge :)  I think
it will be a fun card to go with our Mother's Day tea and our flower pots my 1st graders are making for their moms.

You also need to check out her description and how-to for keeping your table cloth on the table in your classroom...or if/when the table is outside in a breeze.  This has been a battle over the years....masking tape, binder clips, chip bag clips and even the attractive roll of duct tape to no avail.

This looks like a cool idea.  Click {HERE} to go to her blog and find out how to make it.  You may need a conversion chart because being Aussie she talks in that strange metric language...lol

Thanks for hopping by today!  Come back again real soon and see who else I find!