Thursday, January 8, 2015

Having Fun While Learning in 4th Grade

As the importance of Common Core Standards and Teacher Standards and Merit Pay and Testing all get bounced off the walls of every teacher's meeting and staff room, we forget the the two most important parts of teaching.  First that to learn, students have to love to learn and second to learn to love HAS TO BE FUN!

Today's blog hop find is Heather from Read and Black and Learning All Over. She is a 4th grade teacher in Pennsylvania.  And she knows that learning has to be fun for it to stick!

She has intermittent posts on her blog, but I was inspired by her Synonym lessons she created.  I don't get to spend a lot of time on these in depth word studies in 1st grade, except with the high readers, but the first graders love when I can fit in a lesson here and there such as this one.  I might be able to fit it in when I do my insect study in the spring....

Heather does have some great things posted in her TPT Store, so stop by there and see what will fit into your lesson plans this winter...your students are sure to find them FUN!