Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Fun - Creative and Useful Bathroom Passes

I teach 1st grade and I can tell you that little boys go to the bathroom very quickly and though most of the time they remember to zip their pants, they do not leave time to wash their hands.  I know my classroom is fun and they can't wait to get back to me and the lesson we are in the middle of...

ok, well maybe it's just because they are preoccupied with the way the toilet flushes or they were talking to the other little boy who came in as they were finishing, but they seem to forget to wash their hands quite often.

Yes, I know the girls do too....but honestly it's just not as often as those little fellers.

Here is a very cool find that I started using this week.  (I don't believe in overusing hand sanitizer and we wash our hands every day before lunch with soap and warm water)  I look at is not an alternative, but as a helpful reminder to them that they should wash their hands after going potty!   

Some of them go to the sink when they get back and wash and then some just use the sanitizer.  Either way, I am hoping that it cuts down the flu germs that have yet to fully hit our classroom this winter.  Fingers crossed and sanitized!

I found this on Stephanie's blog: 3rd Grade Thoughts.  She also has a link so you can print out these handy little labels...or you can make your own like I did.