Wednesday, January 7, 2015

3rd Grade Thoughts

Stephanie is the blogger/teacher behind this creative blog.  I tell my 1st grade students how important presentation is when you are writing....her blog header is a great example.  It totally caught my eye! I absolutely love it!

When you get past the header, you will love what is resources and ideas for teaching 3rd grade.   Her most recent post is her Top 10 From 2014.  A perfect place to start to find the wide array of resources she has created and tips she gives for teaching 3rd grade.

Class Management and Organization are some of the largest topics Stephanie covers.  She has a classroom that is so stinking organized...could she come do mine please?!

It is all so neat and tidy...but what about when the students walk through the door? Well she has some great classroom management resources as well.  These posters are great and they come with anchor charts as well.  Not only useful in 3rd grade, but I use them in 1st. 

She also has some wonderful resources for building your classroom climate as well.  I can't begin to show or tell you about will just need to visit her blog or stop by her TpT Store as well.