Saturday, August 23, 2014

My last weekend of Summer 2014 is busy and life is full and life is flying by....But this blog is something I really want to revive and move forward with because I realized I am neglecting some of my hobbies I love the most!

This is the blog post that inspired me to blog again!   Post --> {Click THIS}  

Kathy has a whole list of great math game ideas for levels K-3.  My first graders will be coming right after Labor Day, and when I saw this I knew exactly what I needed this for!  

I am going to make one of these...
  • My version: The game will be for two-4 people.
  • Each person gets 6 linking cubes of of one color (or little bears or whatever you have that they can have six of one color per person) 
  • They will roll one die and they get to put a color token in each section when they roll it.  
  • If they roll the same number twice, they lose a turn.  
  • The winner is the one who gets one of their tokens in each section first!
  • This is a very easy beginning of 1st grade center game which won't take adult involvement to participate.

Kathy has other great resources on her website...check her out!