Saturday, October 20, 2012

Common Core Math Assessments part 1

I wish there were more hours in a school day.  I just can't do everything that I would love to do. It is so frustrating.  But on the first graders are learning.  I love my little sponges!  They make getting up at 5:00 every morning so worth it!

It has been awhile since I posted anything.  I have really wanted to...but I also need more hours in my day!  It's crazy some weeks.  Running on 5 hours of sleep...not a good thing.  Mochas on my way to work...a very good thing!

So scary thought...the end of 1st quarter is two weeks away!  Eeek!  Got to get those end of the quarter assessments ready.  With Common Core, things have changed and so must my assessments.  Saxon doesn't have great assessments.  So much spiraling that I get dizzy.  So I have been making my own assessments over the last few years.  This year I am updating them.

So I am posting them online.  Here is the link to the first posting.  Still learning the best ways to manage uploading on TPT while still keeping things saved and organized on my laptop.

Here is the link to the first of my assessment posting.  I can't figure out how to add the link to the click HERE to go to my TpT store :)  You can see a preview of it in my store.
It is assessing for CCSS1.NBT.  They are my naming numbers and writing numbers assessment sheets.  Quick and easy...and cumulative.