Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Passed!!

The Facility Plant Levy was in its second go around this month.  It didn't pass last winter.  We were all so sad that there were pockets of voters in our district that didn't support our students and their need to be in a safe environment to learn.

So the powers that be within the district revamped, reworked, fine-tuned and put up for vote a newer snappier version of the original Facility Plant Levy. They also learned a few lessons about publicizing and getting people to vote...during a strange time of the summer.  Some buildings had 'Meet the Teacher' nights and BBQ's on voting day because many of the schools were polling places.

That helped quite a bit with voter turnout.  Speaking of voter turnout...

There are 13,663 registered voters in the Lakeland School District.  Of those only 1,940 voted.  That's only 14% of the voters!  Wow...I find that amazing that so few people were willing or cared to, take a stand either way on the issue.  These are the future doctors, lawyers, dentists, mechanics, teachers, parents....who will be taking care of us some day.  How sad.

I am curious to see if the voter turnout for the presidential election is higher than 14%...I should hope so.

Fortunately...of the 14% who felt like voicing their opinion...the majority--over 60%--supported the Levy and it PASSED!  Big sigh of relief could be heard by every building in our district...not just the people, but the actual buildings!

Here's the actual numbers...looks like the town I'm teaching in was very supportive of our Levy...yeah!