Friday, August 17, 2012

And So It Begins...

I have been a teacher for 19 years.  I have worked in three school districts, but most of those years have been in 1st grade.  I have dabbled in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even kindergarten...but my favorite and my home is in 1st grade.

I'm not new to the teaching world, but there is nothing that will knock you back down to that very first year than...

Setting up a classroom!  

Fluctuation in student populations within a larger district can apparently cause this.  I am not used to it though because I worked for so long in a smaller district.  Big districts are a different beast.  So now instead of a 10 minute drive to work, I have a 25 minute drive to work.

Instead of enjoying my last month of summer, I am cleaning out the closet and cupboards of all the 'stuff' left in them from countless previous teachers.   Three huge black garbage bags full of old outdated stuff!  

So after I get the cupboards and the closet cleaned out...I stop and cry...because I finally have a minute.   I mourn the traditions, the friends, the parents and mostly the kids I will miss at my previous school.  I probably would have thrown a few things if they weren't all mostly packed in boxes and then I would have had to pick them up :(

I say to myself, "be thankful you have a job and it's even at the same grade level!"  My best friend and teaching partner also had to move schools, but she is at a different school and has to teach 4th grade!

But the other, inwardly shy part of me, has to put on her big girl panties and do the new kid on the block...again!  That's the hardest part for me.  Nobody realizes that I'm actually kind of

So new parents, new kids, new staff, new building, new traditions to learn, new ones to make...and I'm still not sure where the grownup bathroom is yet....

and then there is still that huge pile of boxes to go empty out and put away!  ugh!

Did I say that my classroom is on the south side of the building and there is no cool air and I'm sweating like I'm in a dang sauna!?

ok...enough whining and back to work!

I will post pictures once I get things looking halfway decent!