Saturday, July 14, 2012

I need a new bag

My favorite teacher bag died last year.
This sweet little pup of ours took a fancy to the leather handles. Perhaps it was retaliation for this picture...or the fact that she had a bath.  I'm not sure, but I lost my favorite bag.  

It was just the right size.  Big enough to take home some work, but not so big that I took home more than I had time to do.  So it was perfect.

Now that I have time...I'm searching for a new bag.

So now I'm searching....if you happen to come across my blog, and you have a favorite bag, please let me know what it is and where you found it.

In the meantime...

Pinterest has helped me a bit...Here is a Pinterest page full of Teacher work bags/totes

This is what my first bag looked like:
It is the extra-large one.  It's monogrammed with my maiden name and came from LL Bean.  It was a gift from my master teacher and the first class of 4th graders all signed it.  It holds a lot...way too much!  It has a lot of sentimental value, but I don't use it to carry school stuff anymore.  Now it holds a whole bunch of yarn!

I've had an assortment of bags since, including the medium size LL Bean tote bag.  I have even resorted to using one of those reusable grocery bags!

But now I'm ready to be more organized.  One of the things that all my previous bags have had in common is that they were just a big bottomless pit of a bag.  Everything got lost in it!  I hate to admit how many times I've lost those important surveys, evaluations or letters that needed posting in it!

Here are a couple that I found interesting....

This one is from Really Good Stuff.
I like the file idea, but I'm not too keen on the outside pockets.

The 31 Organizational Tote has come up a lot in other teacher blogs:

It comes in some fun designs and fits one of those plastic stand alone files.  It also has some outside of my sticking points.

Then there is the rolling thingy...

This is from Educational Insights.  The rolling thingy is a good idea if you are the kind of teacher that takes way too much home with them at night.  Are there teachers who don't take too much stuff home?  Could you give me a tip on that too?

Well...I will keep looking in between doing all the things on my summer bucket list.

Hope you are staying cool where ever you's even hot up here in North Idaho!